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S’mores cupcakes

So I made s’mores cupcakes yesterday, and they turned out pretty well, all things considered.

I like the texture, which I was a bit concerned about initially. A good bit of the flour you’d typically find in a cupcake batter was replaced by graham cracker crumbs, so I wasn’t sure how that would turn out. It was good, though. I also liked the frosting, which I was concerned about at first. It’s a semi-sweet chocolate ganache, and milk chocolate is more traditional. I like the edge of semi-sweet, though. It turned out well, because the cupcakes themselves were kind of sweet. There are 2 things I would do differently:

  • The graham cracker pieces on top got a little soft, so I’d wait til the last minute on those.

  • I had considered using a pastry bag to fill the centers with marshmallow fluff, and decided against it because it was late and I just wanted to get them done and go to bed. Should have used the fluff – they are tasty, but they could use more marshmallow flavor. Next time, I’ll leave the marshmallows out of the batter and just pipe it into the centers.

Overall, a success, though.

UPDATE: And, I should note, two and a half dozen seem to have disappeared at work today, so I’d say they’re pretty good. I’ll tweak it and keep the recipe.

In the words of one of my co-workers, I “rock”. That can’t be bad.

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