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A post specifically for bragging

My daughter is now a 3rd grader. Ack!!! I can hardly believe that.

Today was the last day of school, and she had a great year. We really liked her teacher, and are very hopeful that she’ll be approved for an out-of-district placement so that she can stay at her current school. They redistricted our neighborhood, but we’re trying to keep her at her school because this year she was in a 2/3 split. She was actually a second grader, but completing the 3rd grade curriculum in a class of mostly 3rd graders. There were about 3 or 4 other second graders in the class, and she was really challenged. The benefit to that classroom setup is that it provides challenges to the kids who can handle it, and the lower grade students are automatically assigned to the same teacher for 3rd grade so that he/she already knows what they know and can provide additional challenges. Then the redistricting threw a wrench into the works. If she has to change schools, she’ll have that adjustment to deal with, plus a new teacher, and basically will have to repeat a grade – or at least the core content/curriculum. As you can imagine, we’re ever-so-slightly opposed to this idea. There’s nothing worse you can do to a smart kid than have them be bored in school, and I’m not going to have that for my kids. I think sometimes that if we had known they were going to redistrict, we would have just requested a regular 2nd grade class for her, but I’m not sure. She clearly has been able to handle the work and, despite some struggles over homework, has clearly thrived under the pressure.

Unfortunately, we won’t find out if it’s approved until July, so it’s a bit challenging to prepare her when I don’t even know what school she’ll be going to next year. I do know that both principals have signed off on it, so I feel pretty positive about our chances. It will be up to the District, though, and until I know for sure it’s a minor, pestering worry.

On to the bragging: I’m so, so, incredibly proud of her. She really worked hard this year, and the value of hard work and the benefits that can accrue from that is never a bad thing to instill in a child, IMHO.

Her progress this year has been phenomenal and visible. They grade on a rubric of B (Beginning the skill), D (Developing the skill) and I (Independent use of the skill). Her report card was a lot of I’s, some D+’s, and a few D’s. Again, she was being graded on her completion of 3rd grade level tasks. I can emphasise that again, because it’s my kid and my blog. 😉

They tested the kids at the beginning of the year, mid-year, and at the end of the year. They were seeking equivalent grade levels in Reading and Math.

She’s now reading at the level of 6.5 (6th grade, 5th month) and in math she’s at 4.3 (I’m sure you can figure that out).

Again. She’s SEVEN. She technically just finished 2nd grade.

I’m just a little proud of her.

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2 thoughts on “A post specifically for bragging

  1. hubby on said:

    And me!

  2. Shannon on said:

    Congrats to Lauren.. I wish they had that here. They have an ‘enrichment program’ which is the gifted. They don’t allow the kids to jump grades or do work ahead of their grades. The enrichment program goes deeper into the subjects that their regular classmates are doing. They expect us to ‘push the kids and provide them with extra experiences’.. soo.. guess what we are doing?? paying for a tutor this summer to work 3/4 grade curriculum with Royce because he just got out of first grade and was doing 2nd grade with his tutor during the school year..

    and who said that the southern schools were behind?? blah!!

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