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What was I going to say?

Oh, yeah. I have a minor stomach bug – it’s better today, but I’m working from home, just in case. Fun fun fun!

My folks are coming up tonight to go with us to the Expo. It will be extremely hot, but it should be fun. L is very excited about riding the rides and eating junk food. Of course!

Oh, and I was going to brag on my girl. Again. Yesterday, her summer program walked all the kids over to the Expo, and the kids were allowed to bring money in case they wanted to buy any snacks or ride any rides. L decided to take a twenty, from her garage sale proceeds. I thought that was clearly way too much, and said so.

Then she told me about a friend of hers at the summer camp. “Mama, she doesn’t have a lot of money in her family, and I don’t know if she’ll be able to bring any money. I want her to be able to ride some rides too.”

I’m proud of my girl’s kind and generous spirit. It’s just one of the many, many things about her that make her such a cool kid.

This morning, the kids were getting up and ready, and the dog decided she needed to go out. Mark was in the shower, so I made sure Sam was settled, and took her out. When I came back in just a couple of minutes later, Lauren had gotten Sam cereal, with milk, and was fixing him some chocolate milk. All on her own. She’s a great little mom to him. We watch that, of course, because she doesn’t need to be or feel responsible for him. But it’s great that she helps out so much. Then she fixed her own breakfast too! Independent little thing.

Last night, Sam took a tumble in the bathroom (twice!) and knocked his head pretty good both times. Major nosebleed after the second bump, which scared both the kids tremendously. I even called the nurse on call at the peds office to be sure of what to watch out for, because it was a really hard hit. But he’s ok. We checked on him a couple of times in the late evening and early this morning. He was chipper and ready to go this morning. But it was scary.

Good he’s hard-headed!

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