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And Ack. And Yikes. And WTF?

This afternoon when I picked her up from the summer program, Lauren told me she had given our address to a boy named Austin because they were going to have a play date. She wrote down my cell number to give him tomorrow, so he could call her to let her know when he was coming over. I suggested that she get his number and last name, so I can call his mom or dad to arrange it. Because, you know, I’m cool with the mixed gender play dates. Lauren likes to play with all kinds of kids who are a bit older or younger, boys, girls, whatever.

I (oh so innocently) asked if he goes to her school.

“No.” she said. “He’s going to be going to XYZ Middle School.”

Umm, what just happened here? My 7 year old is arranging play dates with 6th grade boys? What universe am I in here?

I think not. At the risk of inciting a dramatic rendition of Romeo and Juliet . . . still, I think not.

Please note that I deserve full credit for not crashing the car in complete and total shock at that moment.

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2 thoughts on “ZOMG

  1. Time for Mark to start installing those bars over the windows …

  2. FJayR on said:

    I know you’re anti-violent, but a small bore shotgun with birdshot for the ones clever enough to make it over the wall. Circle the wagons…the siege has begun. (congrats on not wrecking the car).

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