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More obsessing about organizing

Seriously, I neglected this until just recently. But I have got to develop a system for our family to stay organized, and I need to do that before Sam gets much older and starts with the playdates and the birthday parties and the school assignments. I can only juggle so much at one time.

I would like it if my husband expressed his opinion. And would actually use some organizational tools.


Uh-oh, I feel a rant coming on. But the whole “Jill will remember it/put it away/find it/get the birthday card/buy dog food” concept? That’s losing interest for me. Geez, that sounds bad, like he does nothing, is a big slacker, and I’m super-mom. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He does as much as I do around the house and with the kids (especially Sam, who wants nothing to do with Mommy at the moment!). But Mark is the original absent minded professor. And he’s very laid back in some ways (not so much in others). For example: the dog needs food. Mark will try to remember that the next time he’s at the store, or might remember to put it on the list. Or he’ll ask me to remind him. Or he’ll just tell me that Susie’s almost out of food, because somehow that automagically ensures that the dog food fairy will visit our house, apparently. I know that they don’t sell Susie’s food at the grocery, and use some system or another to remind myself (on one of the days that I skip the actual “eating lunch” part of my lunch break to run errands) to go to the pet store. Because of course in this crappy small town, I don’t think the pet store is open in the evenings, when I actually have a chance to run errands. Everything is closed by the time Sam goes to bed. Or I can ask/help Mark remember to pick up dog food and he would gladly go to the pet store. But he might forget, so I have to remind him at least one more time and then again just before he’s going to be passing by the store. And Oh, hell, I’ll just do it myself. Then I get all whiny. Like now. 😉 Yes, I’m just a joy to live with, I’m sure.

I work better with a schedule and tasks that I can check off – I like to know what’s done and what’s not done, have a consistent place to add new stuff when it occurs to me, and take care of small chores when I have a free minute. Not that my way is necessarily better than his, but his doesn’t always actually, you know . . . get the dog any food. Ideally, I’d like to have a shared task list. Let’s face it – we have lots of shit to do. Pesky little things, mostly, but they keep getting put off and forgotten, by both of us. I need a way to help us both get all our tasks done, because I can’t do it – my brain is getting full, and I sometimes think he wouldn’t even think of some of the pesky little things without me reminding him. And you know? The multiple reminders? Heads dangerously into nagging territory. I DO NOT LIKE TO NAG. I WILL NOT NAG. I REFUSE.

So right now, from my only somewhat biased pov (because even though the steam is coming out of his ears just a bit because I posted this on my blog ~in public!!~, I think he would generally agree with what I’ve said) – here are my current options:

  1. Try to do everything myself (and get more and more frustrated)
  2. Become a nag (and nobody likes a nag)

Neither option appeals, frankly.

So a system of some sort it shall be. If, and it’s a big if, he’ll actually use it. Otherwise it’s just more of me nagging, and I’m not going to do it. I’m down to deciding between Famundo and Cingo.

Cozi didn’t do enough of the stuff that we would find helpful, and MyHomePoint was too corporate-looking.

I don’t much like paper, I’m certainly not carting around a calendar (and if there’s only one paper calendar for two people, how does that work exactly?). A web-based tool is best. I want something we can access from home, work, or from my phone. It’s not often that we’re away from a keyboard of some sort anyway, so why not put that to our advantage? Has to be free, natch. Because I’m cheap frugal.

Oh, husband . . . I know you’re probably annoyed with me after this post, but suck it up and tell me which one you like better, wouldja? Or neither. If neither, give me another option.

Other input accepted too, of course. Have you used any of these systems? Another? Loved a method? Hated it? Give me your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “More obsessing about organizing

  1. hubby on said:

    I’ll respond…PRIVATELY…

  2. ShumGrace on said:

    Cingo costs money so that seems like a nonstarter for most people. Most of the other ones you mentioned have a lot of features but the problem with them is … that they have a lot of features – and that takes time and effort to keep it going (a shared to-do list is only as good as you use it).

    I found http://www.qlubb.com to be a decent tool for this. It doesn’t have mobile access nor a calendar view (as far as I know) but it’s really easy to use and free. Might be overkill for 2 people though.

    When it comes to nagging, I hate nagging too… therefore, I let reminders do the nagging for me. When it comes from an Internet app, it’s not me who’s doing the nagging 😉 even though I set the reminders. Actually my husband can turn them off if he wanted to.

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