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Stray thoughts

1. I’m really annoyed about some work stuff, but I suppose I’ll survive.

2. This morning, Lauren wanted to wait for me just outside the entrance to her summer program while I signed her in, and say goodbye to me out there. Out of view of the other kids. *sigh* That came earlier than I expected. She didn’t want her friends to see any hugging or kissing with a parental unit. Ooh, ick. So I gave her a cheery “Have a great day!” and reassured her that I won’t kiss her in front of her friends.

Then I sniffled, just a little bit.

3. Mark tells me that Susie may not be feeling well – she didn’t eat this morning, and wasn’t acting like herself. I’ll have to check on her at lunch.

4. Over the weekend, I was apparently attacked by a horde of manic mosquitos. I am covered with a whole bunch of itchy bites – maybe 20 or 25. I fracking hate mosquitos.

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