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It’s going to be a day of mini-posts, as stray thoughts occur to me. I’m rather busy with a project at work, so my mind is running in about 17,342 directions. Mea culpa. Here’s what’s on my mind at this particular second:

We had to break out the monster spray last night. See, when Lauren was about two or three, she started having nightmares (and later she had night terrors, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish! And a stinky kettle at that.). Many of her nightmares were about monsters in her room, so I got a spray bottle and put some water in it along with some lavender oil. She would spray all around her room before bed, because although it smelled good to us, monsters absolutely hated that smell, and wouldn’t come around it.

Aren’t I a smart mommy?

I was actually a little torn about doing that with her, because I thought it could make her believe there actually were monsters. But the need to give her a little control over her fears won out, and it seemed to work really well for her. Plus, bonus, her room always smelled so nice. 😉

Now, it’s Sam’s turn. He’s been having nightmares about monsters, and been afraid to be in his room alone at night to go to sleep. He giggled like a little madman when he was spraying his room, laughing at how the monsters wouldn’t like the smell and wouldn’t come in his room.

Everything old is new again.

In other news, and I really do just love this term, today is my “nonniversary” – the anniversary of my first marriage. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone almost a year now. I still miss him.

It’s also Mark’s birthday today, but that’s another post. Later.

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