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Yeah, been busy

Work has been killing me (but – big project? DONE!!!!), and I’ve been busy at night too, it seems. Or not much to say lately. It’s for sure one of those.

But hell, no one pays me to blog, so if I don’t feel like it . . . ummmm, sorry.

And now, we’re vacating the premises for a much-needed vacation. Most of that time will involve no internet access, and very spotty cell reception. Can you even imagine? Me, without internet. We shall see how it goes. I may melt.

See you in a week and a half. Ish.

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4 thoughts on “Yeah, been busy

  1. Ye shall see how thee Jesusphone comes through in this situation. At least until July 11th, when all first-gen Jesusphones will mysteriously cease functioning (no, not really) …

  2. Safe travels! (If I recall correctly, you’re heading to the land of deep-dish pizza, yes?… Mmmm….)

  3. FJayR on said:

    The software update for the Jebusphone looks like it is being delayed, reading between the lines on the Apple site today. I was hoping to be able to gloat about upgrading my phone while you were “Internet-challenged” in the Second City. Oh, well. I can’t even gloat that I’ll be getting less mil time than you, cause I won’t. Fate has definitely got my gloat.

  4. Downloading the new iTunes now, in preparation for updating the Jebusphone.

    Here at the hotel in the suburbs of Chicago, I have free wifi. It’s next week at the lake where I’ll have no cell reception, and therefore no internet.

    AT&T just doesn’t have good coverage in that area.

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