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I smell pretty, oh so pretty

You should check out this Etsy shop. While on vaca I ordered some samples, and they are fabulous. Here’s what I got:

#3 Lemon Sugar- Lemony sweet notes of lemon and yuzu. Summery, sporty, light and fun.

#4 Black Orchid- Deep dry vanilla with spice notes of ginger and black pepper, patchouli, and musk. Definitive and distinctive. Similar in presence as Fracas but entirely different in scent. Not for the faint of heart, this has a soul.

#9 Arte Fiorenza – Unisex blend of Orange and spicy cinnamon.

#12 Molton Brown Black Pepper- Unisex, deep lemon and spice notes. For women who love men’s scents. For men who love a classic.

#13 Lime Basil Mandarin Jo Malone – A delicious fresh lime scent.

#15 Arte Eden – Green Apple and figs, a fresh lush sophisticated blend.

#17 White Iris – White iris, delicate mimosa,incense and light musk. A creamy clean composition.

#19 Our interpretation of Calamus – Light creamy, green scent.

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4 thoughts on “I smell pretty, oh so pretty

  1. bear on said:

    #12 it is. I guess I’m a man who loves a classic….let’s not mention the unisex, OK?

  2. *snort*

    But today I was wearing #15, which was very nice. Tomorrow? Who knows????

  3. Do you play with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab at all? Some friends got me hooked a while back…

  4. I’d never heard of it, but it looks very interesting! Thanks! Well, my husband probably doesn’t thank you, but that’ll be ok . . .

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