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Ups and Downs


  • Mark and Lauren started a family karate class last night, and she really seemed to enjoy it.
  • A delicious zebra cake that I made for work – I added some cardamom to the dry ingredients, just because I like it, and it turned out very well. It looks pretty too.
  • Work is a bit more calm today since I spent yesterday catching up from vacation.
  • Sam and I have a new game where I kiss the ever-so-adorable dimple on his chin. It makes me very happy when he laughs.
  • Still feeling relaxed after said vacation.
  • This is a fabulous shoe.


  • Endless stopped doing 110% price matching, copying Zappos. Now how am I supposed to find shoe bargains???
  • I seem to have wrenched my back this morning, and it’s absolutely fracking killing me despite popping two motrin. This is not good.

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