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This morning was not our best. Sam was screaming, Lauren was fussing, we were both getting frustrated, left the house late but (barely) made it to work on time.

The dog decided to use me as a launching pad to jump off of Sam’s bed this am instead of going around me. I was kneeling beside the bed, and she jumped from the bed to my back, and then to the ground. That hurt – 26 pounds of dog digging in with her nails will do that. Big huge scratches all over my upper back. Thank goodness she went to the groomer on Sunday and had her nails trimmed.

No time for breakfast.

Sam’s legs are just covered with mosquito bites – he gets big welts on him just like I used to get when I was a kid. He has a hyperactive immune system, I think. He’ll scratch them, they’ll get infected, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ll probably go over at lunch to put some more benadryl cream on his little legs to help with the itching, and I might give him some children’s benadryl. That really helped Lauren and me the last time we were attacked by a horde of angry mosquitos. He won’t like that, though, so it ought to be fun to restrain him and get medicine down his throat. He’s a strong little bugger.

Also need to let the dog out, and I hope that Mark fed her this morning, because I didn’t. At some point today I have to get to the grocery store. Lunchtime is looking like the most promising time for that. That’s what I get for being lazy – I meant to go last night after the kids were in bed, but I was tired, so I sat on the couch instead. That means it needs to get done today.

So there goes lunch.

This evening there’s a PTA meeting to plan the back-to-school bash. That’ll take some time, based on last year’s planning meeting.

And so we bid a sad farewell to dinner.

This is clearly Not. My. Day.

On the upside, there’s a Woot-Off.

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One thought on “Gah!

  1. FJayR on said:

    Oh it’s woot woot woot for the home team…

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