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This day is . . . interesting

So I went home at lunch to let Susie out (The Hubby volunteered to go take care of The Boy’s legs). I was going to let the dog out and then run to the grocery.

I didn’t make it to the grocery.

See, when I walk in the front door, the dog and the cat both generally come running. Today, only the dog came. The cat was nowhere to be found!

I searched high, and I searched low. Could not find Addison anywhere. No meowing, even. I finally heard a little scritch, scritch, scratch in Lauren’s room. Looked all over the place and couldn’t find her, and then I opened up one of the drawers.

And there she was. Thirsty, but not much the worse for wear.

See, I thought my morning was pretty crappy, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Addy’s! It’s all about the perspective.

In better news, they’re making a movie of The Tale of Desperaux (awesome kiddie book), and it doesn’t look horrible.


Plus also, my dear Hubby picked up lunch for me (yum – falafel sandwich and hummus), and I’ll go to the grocery immediately after work so I can make it to the PTA meeting on time. So that’s ok. Tonight, I’ll make Peaches & Cream Pie and Caramel Apple Pie. Baking is therapeutic.

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