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That Boy

He is so funny. The other day, he was having a major meltdown, and I took him on home while Mark and L stayed in Lexington, waiting to pick Susie up from the groomers.

He calmed down a bit, so I decided to risk stopping at a convenience store for a juice for him for the ride home. They had a rack of Car Trader and Truck Trader magazines.

And Equipment Trader.

Now you have to understand. The Boy is wild about anything to do with cars and trucks, and increasingly, construction equipment. What can I say? He’s an almost three year old boy. As much as we tried to have gender-neutral toys around for the kids, and encouraged them to play with whatever, L could not have cared less about cars, and he loves them. She loves animals of all sorts, stuffed or real. He only has one stuffed animal that We. Must. Never. Lose, but if he’s got toy cars and trucks and diggers and dump trucks and “bulldirts” (bulldozers) around, he’s just fine.

So when I saw this magazine in the store, I thought it was just the thing to help him continue to calm down and get us home in some relative peace and quiet. I’m actually not at all sure that he spoke again the entire way home.

Tonight before bed, we were “reading” his magazine, and it was like a stream of consciousness . . .

“Wow, look at that one”
“What’s that called?”
“What’s that one do?”
“Look at that one, on top!”
“Whoa, that’s AMAZING!!!”

Best $1.75 I’ve ever spent.

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