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That’s not a good sign

Not good at all when I walk into the office next door to mine, and . . .

  • one of the guys says “You look like hell!”
  • my boss says “Are you leaving?”
  • and the other guy who works in that office says, “Well, I was just going to say you look like you don’t feel well!”

I’m now afraid to look in a mirror. What if it shattered? Because apparently, today, I don’t look my best.

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2 thoughts on “That’s not a good sign

  1. FJayR on said:

    as a spectator it was an existential oxymoron: the undead was in terrible pain. Although you looked too…far gone…to feel pain….you obviously did…and lots of it… We all felt very very bad for you and wished we could make it go away.
    Today you seem to have progressed from the graveyard to the street outside the hospital. By Monday we hope you look radiant and happy again….and can gush about a weekend with Mark and the kiddos!

  2. Heh. Feeling much improved today. I expect I’ll be ok by tomorrow.

    Now I have to find something interesting to do this weekend, so I can report on it.

    Oh, wait, I’m taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow after L’s karate lesson. I’ll report on that!

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