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More cute Boy stories

This time, it’s not a story he told, but something he did. See, I often wear a necklace crafted from typewriter keys. I’ve had it for a couple of years (well, since shortly after Sam was born, I guess), and I wear it about half the time now that I’ve bought a few other necklaces from Etsy. I used to wear this particular necklace daily, and Sam liked to play with it while he nursed.

An L. An S. A small charm that says Wish. Another that says Inspire.

Because really, doesn’t that say it all, right there? If you had to summarize my life visually, that would do a pretty good job. I absolutely adore those children. And if you’ll just stand still for a minute, I’ll tell you all about them.


Anyway. I wore that necklace today. When I got to the day care to pick up The Boy, he was busy playing so I got to just watch him play for a moment. Then one of the other kids spotted me and narc’d on me. I heard him say “Hey, your mommy’s here.” The Boy looked up and saw me, his face literally lit up, and the crankiness and tiredness I’d felt most of the day just kind of evaporated. He said “Mommy!” and came running over to me full speed ahead, and jumped into my arms. Got dirt from his shoes all over my shirt and pants, and I didn’t care, not one little bit. He gave me a great big hug and a kiss on my cheek.

I felt ever so much better.

Then he saw my necklace. Grabbed it. Looked at it closely. And said: “L is for Lauren, S is for Sam.”

I don’t recall ever having told him what the letters are, or why I wear them.

Sometimes my children scare me.

He’s still only 2.

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