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It’s a matter of some debate

The floor in one area of The Boy’s room is often covered with books. He loves books, and tends to pull down a bunch to find one that he wants. We certainly want to encourage an interest in reading – that’s worked out rather well for Elder Child. But . . .

His bookshelf is way too small for the number of books he has. It was cheap, a yard sale find that I touched up before he was born, if I recall correctly. It’s a low, 2-shelf bookcase, and it was the perfect size in a nursery. It’s cute, but very, very small.

The hubby takes this as a sign that we should get rid of some of Sam’s books, on the theory that the amount of space you have determines the number of books you can keep. He’s a minimalist.

I take it as a sign that I should get some of these to make him a way bigger bookshelf that he can grow into, on the theory that you can never have enough books. I am not a minimalist.

No compromise is in sight. But the mess is bothersome to both of us. It’s actually probably bugging me more at the moment.

So, what say you, internet? On which side of this issue are you? He won’t care about your opinion in the least, by the way, but please don’t let that stop you!

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6 thoughts on “It’s a matter of some debate

  1. In my defense, she doesn’t add that the boy’s room is the smallest of the bedrooms, has a huge window that almost reaches the floor (thus limiting furniture amount and placement), and he has even more toys in his room than books. With that in mind, I say “Books? That’s what the LIBRARY is for!”


  2. Being married to a librarian, and not being a minimalist (yeah, stop your snortin’), I say BOOKSHELVES! MANY! BUILT INTO THE WALLS! MUST … HAVE … BOOKS! And remember, this is coming from the guy who still has 80% of the original books that he had from his childhood …

    The Wife said something uncomplimentary about your husband’s opinion that I really cannot repeat in a public forum … 😉

  3. Amending my thought in light of new info: My mother was a librarian as well and I grew up with both my books and the library’s books … but there is something about having your OWN books, one that you can access “on demand” (so to say) … the toys can come and go, but the books will leave a greater indelible impact.

    Just my half cent.

  4. Mark, Dude, chill. I didn’t say anything the least bit negative about you.

    I say a small room is all the more reason to organize it very well.

  5. Shannon on said:

    Books..books.. and more books.. we have 2 bookshelves for Royce.. 4 shelves a piece.. as many as we can.. toys will come and go but books are a lifetime.

  6. i think a little bit of both is good. get more bookshelves, but get rid of the books neither one of you wants. keep the treasures. the rest should go to a friends of the library donation. does your library have a reading program where they keep track of reading and Sam would get a prize??? Good reason to visit library…

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