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My daughter, the fashion critic

So this morning, I was getting dressed for work, and L came in. She decided that she didn’t like the top I was wearing, so she went into my closet to pick out another one for me.

I tried it on, because hey, if she has a strong opinion, I try to respect that. Unfortunately, although the top she chose actually did look better, I couldn’t wear it because it was rubbing on my neck.

See, I have to wear kind of open neck tops right now, because I had 13 moles frozen off my neck at the end of last week. Which, if you ever get the chance to do, I highly recommend it! It was super fun, didn’t hurt at all.

Or not.

Anyway, I now have 13 very sore places on my neck, right around where a shirt collar lies. Dressing is even more challenging than usual.

My 7 almost-8 year old has better fashion sense than I do, it seems, but I’m all about the comfort.

I took it as an opportunity to remind her that comfort always trumps fashion. But both are good, if you can pull it off.

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