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In honor of Sarah Palin

Celebrate Banned Books Week

Oh, and if you have youngish kids, And Tango Makes Three is an awesome book.  I personally can’t wait until Lauren is old enough to read the Pullman trilogy, His Dark Materials, because it was a great set of books.  I think she’ll like it, when the time comes. 

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3 thoughts on “In honor of Sarah Palin

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jill. I feel a big rambling somewhat mean post about banned books coming on! I’m always so horrified when I read those lists. They go after the best stuff.

  2. I know, what a twit she is.

    The Color Purple? I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings? Harry Potter?

    Come on!!

  3. The modern pharisees get so maniacal when another view of man’s spiritual life, however modest, finds its way into our forum. If Christ lived today and wrote a book or spoke again his sermon on the mount, the events of 2000+ years ago would be played out again. Peace and the quiet union with the spiritual is the last thing they want.

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