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kitten needs a home

So my uncle called me, and they have been at their cabin at the lake for the last few days.  They have been adopted by an abandoned kitten.  It looks to be about 2 months old, solid black, with bright green eyes.  It’s been there for several days, and where they are, it’s unlikely to be just lost.  It’s very friendly, according to my uncle, and loves to be petted – seems to be desperate for attention.  It’s not feral, in other words.

My aunt and uncle can’t keep it, because their son-in-law is severely allergic to cats.  I’d love to have another cat, but my husband disagrees, the big meanie.  He says I can have outside cats, but no more in the house.  Meanie.

Right now it’s still at the lake – they left out some food for it on the deck.  If other animals don’t eat the food, of course.  If I can find a home, they’ll go back to see if it’s still there.  I suspect it will be, since they’ve fed it and petted it. 

So I’m asking – do you know of anyone who would give this little guy/girl a good home?


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One thought on “kitten needs a home

  1. Palin needs a home too. Unfortunately, I’m badly allergic to cats and to pitbulls, with or without the lipstick.

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