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Hack the debate

Sounds good to me, because the first two debates have often just made me want to hack my tv into little tiny pieces . . .

Current, via ParentHacks on Twitter

I am overly connected, perhaps.

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2 thoughts on “Hack the debate

  1. I can’t stay up that late and I’ve been turning off NPR because my spouse keeps breaking the “no yelling at the radio before 8 a.m.” rule.

  2. The debates would be so much more palatable if they weren’t so scripted. Hey, here’s an idea … how about NOT providing the candidates the questions beforehand! Running the country is all about the snap judgments and the spontaneity … what better way to test that than with questions that require them to think quickly? And let’s make them questions that let us get deep into their brains so that we can understand them all the better — “What’s your favorite type of cookie?” “Who do you think is going to win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?” “Where’s the beef?”

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