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technology marches on, right across my fingers

You know what our newish library has?  Scanners for self check-out.  It’s very handy, and much quicker.

Last night, since Mark was feeling awful, I took L to karate class.  I didn’t stay for the class, partially because we wanted to see if she’d be more focused without us there.  I came back for the last 15 minutes or so, because I wanted to see her punching and kicking and such.

In good news, she’s testing for her yellow belt on Thursday!  Go, girl.

So what to do in boring, podunk, all-stores-closed-at-6-pm downtown for 40 minutes or so?  Ahh, yes, the library.  Not that I’ve had much time to read, lately, but I live in hope.

I picked up a few promising new releases by authors that I like.  Maybe I’ll have time to read them this time – the last several trips to the library have resulted in a pile of books that were returned, unread, and often late!  Bad library patron.

But this was cool – they now offer biometric scanners, so I don’t even have to carry my library card any more!  I am so taking Lauren to sign up for that, because she can’t seem to hang onto a library card.  I’m pretty sure she’s lost her second one.  For her, because kids change so quickly, she’ll have to be re-scanned every 6 months to a year.

But still – she’s not likely to lose her finger!  Is she?????

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