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A day at the races

So today, my lovely daughter, my mother, and I had a girl’s afternoon at Keeneland.

Yes, it was rainy and ugly outside.  Yes, I still have a cold.  I’m very bright like that.

But I had promised my girl I would take her to the races, and she’s on fall break this week, so it was our only chance to go.

And let me tell you, that girl can pick a horse.  We arrived just in time for the 4th race, went out to the paddock to check them out, and she picked the 6 horse.  We didn’t even look at the program, the jockey, or the odds.  We placed our $2.00 bet across the board on 6.  The horse came in first!  We collected $27.00.

For the 5th race, she debated between 1 and 5, and at the last minute picked #5.  Another across the board bet, and then the race.  The 5 horse came in 1st!  We collected $35.40, I think.  (The 1 horse came in 4th).

For the 6th race, she picked the 10 horse, and another bet was placed.  That horse was in the lead or in 2nd the whole way, then faded to show.  So for that one, we collected $6.40, but it covered our bet anyway.

We had to leave after the 6th race, but she was super excited and had a great time.

Lesson:  always take this kid to the track!

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2 thoughts on “A day at the races

  1. Sounds like a great thing for a scientist to do with her friends next time she is in town!!

  2. Dude. I’m serious. She loved it! Now, I’d say this was beginner’s luck, except that I don’t really believe in luck. I hope she has as much fun the next time.

    And if you’re home in April or October, come to the races!!!!

    Next time I’ll bet bigger . . . (not much though!)

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