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Catching up a little

Sam’s 3rd birthday party was Saturday, and it was a lot of fun.  Very small, just family.  There wasn’t really a theme to it, or really, it was sort of a mish-mash.  Lots of stuff was race car oriented (because if it has wheels and/or moves very fast, then he loves it), and of course we had a train cake that Lauren and I made for The Boy:

I seem to have bronchitis, so I’m heading to the doctor’s office this afternoon. 

But first, a Boss’ Day potluck at work (I brought vegetarian sweet & sour meatballs) and a pie contest.  I brought a cardamom-buttermilk pie, and Mark brought blueberry (which unfortunately I can’t link to, but trust me, it’s excellent).  They both look really good – maybe one of us will win!  We have two entries out of a total of 18.  It’s a fundraiser for KECC.  Anyone in the building can buy 5 tickets for $5.00, taste the pies, and then vote with their tickets.  They’ll have winners in three categories, and then an overall winner.  Note that Mark and I are in separate categories . . .

And so cute.  Lauren, of course, likes to cook.  She wanted to make a pie for the contest too, so she took the scraps of pie dough I had left over, and rolled them out to make a miniature pie.  She took some homemade strawberry vanilla jam that my cousin Janis gave to me, and used that for the filling.  She wanted a top layer, but there wasn’t enough dough left over, so I helped her make an almond streusel topping.  After it baked, she drizzled honey over the top.  It looks really tasty.  I can’t actually enter it in the contest, of course, but I’m sharing it with the folks at work. 

And I’ll tell her it was a huge hit, because it will be.

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2 thoughts on “Catching up a little

  1. that train cake is awesome!!

  2. Thanks! It was really pretty easy, and we had a lot of fun making it. Lauren tinted the frosting for me, and she did all the decorating after I frosted the pieces. She was really proud of it, and Sam was totally thrilled.

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