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Cute kitty

Just because I haven’t posted any pictures of Addison lately . . .

and in this one, you can almost see the pretty green of her eyes.  They’re like a greenish teal color, really.

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4 thoughts on “Cute kitty

  1. Wow. She is really pretty.

  2. She really is! I love her eyes and the line on her nose. She’s just a little bit crazy, but very sweet. She’s showing signs of turning into more of a lap cat. Since she was in the shelter for just about her entire first year, she’s still getting used to that concept, I think. They do a great job socializing the animals and take excellent care of them with caring volunteers, but that’s just not the same as being raised in a family.

    She likes to lay right next to me now, and will sometimes lay on my lap while I pet her. Or on my shoulder – she likes to perch behind me.

    The better to keep an eye on me, I guess!

  3. Very pretty kitty indeed. Love those eyes.

  4. Those eyes … piercing … soul … must … do … evil biddings …

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