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I hate that I’m going to have to take out a 9 year old

One of Lauren’s friends at school was scaring her with details and apparently reenactment of scenes from Chucky.  Nice.  Why a 3rd grader has any knowledge of a horror movie from 1988 is completely beyond me.  Her family situation is a little rocky, I think, but still.

Now I have an 8 year old who’s scared to be alone in her room, complete with nightmares and demands that a grown up sleep in her (twin!) bed with her tonight.

It seems a shame to hurt a kid, but that seems like my best option at the moment – I may have to hurt that kid tomorrow.  Or perhaps her parents – because why in the hell does a kid know anything about that movie, really?  That may be bugging me more than anything else right now.  That’s just wrong.

None of my Mommy tricks are working at the moment.  Daddy’s giving it a try now.

Should be a fun night.

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5 thoughts on “I hate that I’m going to have to take out a 9 year old

  1. That movie reaaaaally creeps me out. I saw it at a drive-in. I check behind my seat in the car (every time), and I have to change the channel immediately if I happen upon it playing on TV.

  2. I’ve never seen it, but then again, I HATE scary movies. That wouldn’t be something I’d ever consider watching.

    And I’m not at all happy that my lovely daughter is scared by it, when I’d never ever let her watch something like that. It’s just beyond inappropriate.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr. At least she’s asleep now. We’ll see if she has nightmares tonight. I’d bet money on that one.

  3. With cable and satellite television, DVDs, the internet, and video-on-demand, it is easier than ever for underage kids to see rated-R films. Just do a Youtube search for “Chucky” and you will get clips galore.

    It used to be difficult, nay, a CHALLENGE, to get in to see an R-rated film in the theaters … although it always boggled my mind how my classmates in third grade got in to see “Saturday Night Fever” when it was originally released as an R-rated movie (historical note: it was re-released the following year as a PG-version). I did hear on the news that it is easier for underage kids to see an R-rated movie than it is for them to buy an M-rated videogame, for what its worth.

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  5. No excuses for that shit. Parents’ job is to be that filter.

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