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Making progress on the xmas shopping

Just picked up a Nintendo DS for Lauren, which she’s been wanting.  I didn’t want to pay the full price for one, because Dang!

Thanks to WantNot (you do have that feed in your rss reader, right?), I got one for a bargain, along with a game or two.  There should be one happy 8 year old on xmas morning.

Now, for Sam . . .  what do you get a boy who only cares about cars and trucks and trains and construction equipment, but has a rather small room that is already full of toys and books????

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4 thoughts on “Making progress on the xmas shopping

  1. Ceiling-mounted train set.

  2. Let me go ahead and nix the above.

  3. Shannon on said:

    oooh.. come on!!! That would be way cool.. and I don’t like trains..

  4. I personally love the idea, except for 2 things. My husband clearly doesn’t, and Sam would be literally climbing the walls to try to get to it.

    Also, his room is kind of ocean-themed.


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