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Shuffling away

So I’m sitting here at work this afternoon, listening to the music on my phone on shuffle.

And it occurs to me that I really need to add some more up-tempo music.  Most of the music I seem to have is kind of slow and low.  If I were depressed . . .

Man, it could get really ugly.

The floor is open for suggestions, with a few caveats.  I despise country music.  Metal, techno, and punk generally give me a terrible headache, and my taste runs more toward Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and The Fray lately. 

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7 thoughts on “Shuffling away

  1. go to pandora.com, sign in and add artists you like, then let it find other music for you

    also available on your iphone apparently

  2. Yeah, I use Pandora and love it. But unfortunately, whatever artist names I enter as search terms results in more slow tempo music as a result.

    I don’t know what I’d like that’s more upbeat, so I don’t have anything to enter.

    Make sense?

  3. I heartily recommend the greatest band to ever emerge from Cincinnatti, the Psychodots.

    Then there’s that new music-recommendin’ feature in iTunes, the Genius Playlist, although from what I hear, it’s not that smart at all …

  4. Maybe try some Vienna Teng? (“Harbor” on her website is one of my favorite songs)

    Pierce Pettis

    I thought I had more to suggest, but a lot of the happy or fast stuff I’ve got on hand is in French (Jean-Jacques Goldman, les Enfoires), Hebrew (Teapacks), or Japanese (the opening song to FAKE). (Not that I understand the latter two languages at all, but I don’t pay attention to lyrics when I’m multitasking.) Or disco. 😉

  5. I guess A3 is out of the question…too bad….they’ll get the old motor running!!

  6. I like A3 in very short doses. But I think Peg’s onto something. Vienna Teng has a lovely, lovely voice.

    Not exactly happy music, but lovely just the same. I’ll be buying a few tracks, I’d imagine. I’m off to check out some of the others mentioned . . .

  7. have you ever heard of Cut Copy? I love them, very fun and up-tempo, quite boppy, although just a teensy bit electronic. Some Keane is upbeat. And there’s always the Strokes if you want to get really fast paced. It’s more poppy than punk. Really.

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