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Not much to say

I don’t have anything particularly compelling to write about lately, so I’m consciously sparing you from the mundane realities of my life.  I mean, do you really want to hear about Sam using the potty?  I didn’t think so.

There was a humorous moment the other night, though.  We were playing I Spy, as we often do at dinner time.  It’s pretty funny on a regular basis with a 3 year old who doesn’t always seem to grasp the concept.  Or he’s being a smarty, could be that.  But we had played a round or two, taking turns, and he looked at us and sort of shook his head at us and said:

“It’s not time for I Spy!  It’s time for pepperoni!!!!!”

Well, it amused us, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Not much to say

  1. My niece Naomi said something similar when we told her it was dinner time: “No! It’s DONUT time!”

  2. update on baking:
    I made the Boca Negro, chocolate chipotle brownies, and chai latte cupcakes for a baking event this weekend. The cupcakes won me a prize! And they were really easy and tasty, but I prefer to cook more from scratch. The boca negro was so easy to make and just delightful. Yumm. The chipotle cupcakes tasted and smelled amazing but believe it or not they gave me heartburn!! I should have had them with milk.

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