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Well, that was surreal

So I took an early lunch, and went to the post office to buy stamps and mail out the holiday cards.  At the post office, there’s a little counter and the mail slots right beside the stamp machine.  I bought the stamps, and moved over to the counter to stick them on the envelopes.  There were approximately 2 customers in the post office.  I specifically went there early to beat the lunch hour crowd that is just about inevitable in December at the post office.

I had about 7 or 8 left to stamp and drop in the slot when a guy comes up behind me.  I moved over so that that I wouldn’t be in his way, and he mumbled something to me.  I said “Excuse me?” and he told me “I think you should move!  This isn’t an office!!!”, gesturing at my envelopes.  He was way over-the-top annoyed for very little reason.  And still, like 3 people in the place, and no one else trying to get to the area I was in.  He dropped his letters in the slot and left, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf the whole time.  Clearly, I totally ruined his day by putting stamps on envelopes.  In the post office.  What nerve!!!

Happy freaking holidays to you too, sir.  What a dick.

Then I was sticking the last few stamps on, and two guys came up next to me, one of them doing the same thing I was.  At first I didn’t pay any attention, just noticed that they were there.  Then I sort of tuned in to their conversation.

Guy 1:  “Yeah, I was up ’til 2:00 in the morning doing these.”

Guy 2:  “How many are there?”

Guy 1:  “Oh, a bunch.  I’m sending one to every guy my ex-wife slept with, telling them that they’re the father of the kid and they need to send money.”

Ummm, okay.  I don’t think I need any more back-story than that.  They were, by the way, as serious as could be.

Really, it was a very odd experience altogether today at the post office.  And sadly, I found one envelope without a recipient address.  I have no idea who that was supposed to go to, unfortunately.  I’ll have to try to figure that out tonight, when I can access my gmail contacts . . .

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One thought on “Well, that was surreal

  1. The number of days before Christmas is inversely proportional to the level of stupidity in the universe.

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