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I’m so fancy

I made these seven layer cookies for our office holiday luncheon today.  I’m so fancy, you know!

Actually, they turned out to be lovely.  They weren’t particularly difficult to do, just time consuming and requiring some delicacy.  They taste fab.

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3 thoughts on “I’m so fancy

  1. Veddy good indeed. Should of had pictures of them, but I was nodding at the switch…..adrenalin deficit…too many hours at def-con 3

  2. oooh, I will try these!

  3. Oh, do! They turned out well, very festive looking too, especially for the holidays.

    They’d be good with raspberry preserves instead of apricot too. They were more cake-like than cookie-like, really. I’ll make these again for another occasion.

    Of course, I read the reviews *after* I made them, and several commented that separating the eggs really isn’t necessary with a good stand mixer, and that’s likely true. And I would probably make the chocolate into a ganache if/when I make these again, for some insurance against cracking when they were cut.

    I lost a few cookies to chocolate breakage, but oh, darn, we just had to eat those at home. 😉

    It made a lot of cookies – a very large platter was completely full. It didn’t last long, though.

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