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Not my best morning

Mark had to leave early this am to be at a training in Louisville at 8:00.

So of course, we were late getting out the door.  The kids didn’t have their shoes and socks on, Lauren couldn’t find her hairbrush, I nearly forgot Sam’s sheet and blanket for nap time, etc., etc., etc.

Lauren was tardy.  Sam started having a screaming fit in the car because he wanted to take a different route (“Take that path, Mommy!  No!!!!!  I don’t want to go on this path!!!”).  He refused to get out of the car, so I carried him in to the day care, kicking and screaming.  And he was still screaming like a banshee when I left.

On my way to work, I realized that I forgot to bring the ham that Mark made yesterday, which was going to be a little treat for my co-workers.

I was late to work.

And now I realize that I forgot to put a snack in Lauren’s backpack for this afternoon.

Things can only improve from here, I hope!!

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