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Tis the season . . . to be disappointed

So now, a few days before xmas, Elder Child has decreed that the only things she wants this year are Tinker Toys and an American Girl Doll.  Specifically the Julie doll.  With the earrings.

I was wondering when that phase would hit her.  Apparently, it’s now.  All her friends have one, don’t you know?  Sadly, neither of those things are going to be under the tree (although the Tinker Toys are a possibility, from Mark’s sis, maybe).  I’m not buying her the doll at all.  I’m done shopping, and those things cost a damned fortune.

Should be a fun xmas morning.  Hopefully she’ll be ok once she sees all the cool things that will be under the tree on Wednesday.  Gotta love the holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Tis the season . . . to be disappointed

  1. Egads, just looked that up on Amazon. One would have to take out a loan in order to get one of those. Are they made out of platinum and will they do the dishes?

  2. Thank the deities that she didn’t want Nicki!!!

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