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Not looking forward to January

L has been with my folks for a couple of days, and is coming home tonight – yippeeee!!!  Mark and I were talking last night after The Boy went to bed – this must have been what it was like before Sam was born.  One child, after they go to bed it’s all quiet.  Our house has been a lot less noisy than usual for the last few days.

But we don’t like it.  At all.  I can’t wait for L to be home and have all the noise and chaos that an 8 year old brings to the party.  And Sam has missed her a lot.

My folks are getting ready to leave for Florida for the month of January.  My least favorite month of the year, because I miss them bunches.  They are cool people, and it’s really hard on the kids when they’re gone.  Hard on my parents too!  They miss the kids terribly, and I’m always surprised when they stick it out for the entire month.  I think my mom in particular would be happy to come home early!

Last night, I got another xmas present from Mark, which hadn’t arrived in time for the actual holiday, but I don’t care.  I lurve it.

it should be noted that this is a deal where you get the pendants and the wire, but you have to finish it yourself.  And I am not an expert jewelry maker, having never done that at all.  But it turned out pretty well.  I do need to adjust it a little, but overall I’m quite pleased with it.  It was fun to do, too.  I predict a new minor hobby.  You know, since I now have some of the supplies I need anyway . . .

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