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Diigo bookmarks 01/07/2009

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3 thoughts on “Diigo bookmarks 01/07/2009

  1. Re: Downloadr … to paraphrase the first commenter, why wouldn’t you already have your original photos backed up somewhere else? I suppose if you did a lot of mobile uploads and you wanted to get them to your PC, this might be useful. On the other hand, I really dig the idea that I might be able to troll other people’s Flickr accounts, by keyword, and batch download what I want, like photos of “cheese” and “Grillo the Clown” … at the very least, I might finally be able to batch download all of those MHS Class of 1987 Reunion photos so I can get started on a certain overdue project …

  2. Ah, well, like for instance when my laptop died for no apparent reason and we had to reinstall the OS. I did not have the photos and videos backed up at all, and they were gone. Except, of course, that I had put the vast majority on Flickr and YouTube or Vimeo, so I didn’t lose that much.

    But if Flickr ever threatened to disappear, I’d want to batch download everything and store it somewhere else so I don’t lose it all. I don’t think Flickr is going anywhere, but you never know. So it’s good to have this bookmarked.

  3. Ah, see, I have all of my digital camera photos backed up twice on CD-Rs (two different sets in two different locations) as well as on DVD-R (stored in a third location), as well as on the external hard drive … but then again, I am The Archivist …

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