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Hmmmmm.  It says something that a 3 year old can operate my iPhone.  Those Apple dudes and dudettes know a thing or two about a good UI.

That said, it also appears that 3 year olds can screw up my phone pretty well too.  Sam was playing a game on my phone earlier tonight, and when he went to bed, I put it in the charger.  I grabbed it a while later, because I hadn’t synced it in a while, and thought I’d do that this evening.  It was . . . messed up.  I shouldn’t really blame him, because I don’t know that he did anything to it.  But there we are – it’s farked now.

So I had to reset it, and now it’s syncing again.  I expect the order of my apps will be all messed up, so that should be fun to fix.  I have a lot of apps on there.  For the children, you know.  And yes, I am OCD enough to want them a particular way.


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