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Uh-oh, parent-teacher conference, coming right up

I need to have a word with L’s teacher, who I think is great.  I’m not sure of all the details here, but L got her report card today.  It’s fine, excellent in fact; that’s not the issue.

When L was showing it to me this afternoon when I picked her up, she made a comment that her teacher said she might be going on to 5th grade next year instead of 4th.

Yeah, no.  Not gonna happen.  She’s already the youngest in her class – I don’t want her basically 2 years behind her peers chronologically.  That’d be pretty tough, socially-speaking.  She’d leave for college at 16?  No. 

Not. Gonna. Happen.  I mean, she’s really, really bright, but she’s not a genius or anything like that.  I don’t think so, anyway.  But I don’t actually care, because I don’t think that skipping a grade would be right for her in the larger sense.  And academically, she’s not bored – she’s challenged appropriately by her work.  And even though the district isn’t providing gifted and talented services at all at the elementary level (because they have no money and had to cut all but one of the G & T positions from the budget – leaving one person for all of the elementary schools in the district), her school has worked very hard to provide her with additional opportunities to learn more advanced material in her areas of strength.  Therefore keeping me off their backs.

I should note – that’s what L heard, related to her excellent scores on the standardized tests they took this fall and her general classroom performance.  What her teacher actually said is still in question.  But if L understood the convo correctly, we’d definitely veto that idea without any hesitation at all.

Up on my agenda for tomorrow, a check-in with her teacher.

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One thought on “Uh-oh, parent-teacher conference, coming right up

  1. Yeah, no real need to advance her out of elementary school quite so soon. She’s going to be enough of a social misfit what with her parents and her obsession with skeletons. And as long as she is not bored with her school work, I’d say let her keep flying at her current altitude.

    (Hey, I mean, I was one of the youngest in my class, and see how I turned out! No, wait, terrible example …)

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