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I am entirely out of sorts today

Last night, Mark told me that one of Lauren’s friends at school’s illness is actually terminal. 

I had no idea. 

I mean, I knew he was in a wheelchair, but I didn’t know that his life expectancy is only pre-teen, maybe 11 or 12?  He’s 9, and has some sort of muscular wasting disease.  I cannot imagine how his parents deal with this, or how he does, for that matter.  It must feel like a freight train rushing down on them, coming closer and closer.  He’s a sweet kid, super bright.  That sucks.

Then this morning, I woke up hard from a horrible, awful, terrible nightmare, which I’d rather not describe.  It was about the kids, of course; nightmares are always about that particular topic.  But I just can’t seem to shake it off this morning.

So I’m out of sorts.  Any tips to get over it?

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3 thoughts on “I am entirely out of sorts today

  1. Take comfort in the enormous courage of the boy’s parents and the boy himself. His parents could have just given up and locked the child in a bed and let him just fade away, with the thought that “there’s no point in him getting an education since he’s never going to use it,” but instead they decided to let him have a life, however brief, and enjoy it with his peers, his friends, even though there will be heartbreak in the end … but that’s all part of life, and what better opportunity for education than this?

    Also, take comfort in the fact that YOU obviously care for your children and are so emotionally invested in them that you can’t help reflect this situation on them … because if you DIDN’T care for your kids, and only thought of them as a tax writeoff or someone to mow the lawn, then you wouldn’t be feeling this way.

    I’ve also heard that copious amounts of whiskey helps to get over these things … turns your brain into an Etch-a-Sketch … take a sip, shake your head, and you’re ready to start over. But I wouldn’t know …

  2. Carol Ann on said:

    I’m so sorry to hear about L’s friend! But, I definitely agree with JLK’s thoughts on him and on your love for your children. Myself, I find that beer also helps – but what’s maybe the best is family and friends, of which you have many!

  3. You know what helped? Working like a busy little bee. Got my mind off it, at least. It’s still sad, but I’m feeling better. Thanks, y’all.

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