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A bargain I couldn’t refuse

Staying home from work sick could be a bad thing. 

See, a couple of years ago, I picked up some Heelys for Lauren at a great price.  She loved them.  Then she outgrew them.  And I refused to pay $80 for a pair of shoes that she’ll outgrow before I know it.

But thanks to WantNot (as usual), I found a great deal.  Heelys for $14.95???  Today only, by the way, in case you’re interested.  I just got her a pair of shoes that are regularly $88.95.  In black, of course.  That’s a deal I can’t possibly pass up.  She’ll be very happy when they arrive – I think I’ll surprise her with them.

Hey, I think that makes me feel a little bit better!

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One thought on “A bargain I couldn’t refuse

  1. I cannot believe that it is not a coincidence that you would take a “sick” day during a Woot-Off … that’s almost as ridiculous as staying up until 2am to track the opening hours of the Woot-Off, uhm, not that either one of us would do, uhm, such a thing …

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