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That funny boy

The Boy has been full of the funny for the last couple of days.

Yesterday, Mark picked him up, then picked me up at home, with the plan that he would drop me off to pick up my car at the shop.  Either Sam would stay with me and we would get Lauren from her school nearby, or Sam and Mark would go pick her up. 

So they were discussing whether Sam would stay with Daddy or Mommy, and Sam was adamant that he and Mark would go pick up Lauren.  Why????

Because as he put it:

“It’s our JOB to go get Sissy.  And it’s our PLEASURE!”

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

Then today, I picked up the kids, Sam first since his day care is near the office.  He and I were goofing around being kind of silly in the car, then I said something, I have no idea what.  But he thought it was great, so he said:

“Rock and roll, bay-beeeeeee!!!!!!”

I have no idea.

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