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Under the heading of “Hope springs eternal . . .”

The Boy, last night:  “You know what?  I like green beans!”

This is news.  Big news.

I blame too many readings of Green Eggs and Ham.  But I have my doubts about S’ unprovoked declaration.  I think Mark will cook tonight, and I plan to ask him to fix green beans.  As a little test, you see. 

Drama Queen, aka Elder Child, had a sad morning.  Her one remaining hamster was just laying there on the wheel, and would barely even move her head.  Considering that chinese dwarf hamsters have a life expectancy of 2 – 3 years, and we’ve had them for 3 years . . . we figured the end is nigh.

L was very sad as she headed to school, very teary.  And asked us to check on her at lunch time.

Mark went home at lunch, and the hamster was moving around as usual, seemed to be fine.  I suppose she was just chilling this morning.  Now there’s a dramatic hamster.

Dramatic hamster, did you say?

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One thought on “Under the heading of “Hope springs eternal . . .”

  1. hubby on said:

    and of course, my boy refused to eat green beans tonight

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