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The Boy’s first joke

As you probably know, Sam is a funny little dude.  He’s showing signs of true wit, though.  The other day, my folks came to get him for the day, to give him something special and fun while his sis was at camp.  Which, by the way, THANK THE GODS AND GODDESSES, SHE’S HOME!!!

So Sam was chatting with Pops, my dad.  And he asked Pops, very seriously:

“Pops, what comes after 19?”

Pops answered:  “20.”

Then Sam said, “Hey, Pops – you’re pretty good at this!!!”

But that was just him being his usual funny self; he actually told me a real joke yesterday.

We went to the lake for Father’s Day, and had a fabulous time, as always.  My brother brought his kids down, and there was boat riding, and swimming off my aunt and uncle’s dock, and tubing (Sam’s first time on the tube without one of us!), and lots and lots of eating.  As usual.  Mark made a roasted vegetable puree and several slabs of ribs – one of my dad’s favorite things.  I made a broccoli slaw which was fabulous, and we made more roasted banana ice cream and toasted coconut ice cream.  Everything was delicious.  Well, I wouldn’t know about the ribs, but everyone else seemed to love them.

After we got back from our boat ride, the older kids wanted to fish off the dock, but Sam was very hot, and wanted to go up to the condo.  So I took him up, got him a cold drink, and started fixing supper.  I was flipping through the channels, trying to find something to entertain him and keep him out of the kitchen.  And then I ran across a car race on tv.  Meep.

He was completely absorbed.  He literally froze, standing in front of the tv.  I got him to sit down on that little stool, and snapped a picture.  I’m not sure he even noticed me sitting him down.  Yikes. 

So I fixed his plate, and set him up on the couch with a tv tray so he could watch the race while he ate.  We talked a little bit about race cars, one of his favorite things on the planet.  And he was telling me about what he’d seen on tv during the race, and that race cars drink gas.  And then he said:

“Mommy, I want to show you a joke!”  (so cute)

“Race cars don’t eat food, and people don’t drink gas!!!!”

And then he collapsed in a fit of giggles.  And I nearly died from the cuteness.

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  1. hubby on said:

    love that boy

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