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Why I shouldn’t watch much tv

So I’ve been laid up for a few days with a virus.  I’m working from home today (no, really, I am), but the tv is on.  Now, I like TLC, but I keep seeing this horrible ad for Toddlers & Tiaras, and I’m highly disturbed by that show.  Good gracious, I don’t think I’ve worn that much make up in my whole life.  Yelling “Work it!” from the audience?  Saying “Shake that bootie good!”  And these are CHILDREN!  I mean, these parents DO know that they aren’t actually large Barbie dolls, right?  Or small hookers?

Nice message to send your daughters, don’t you think?  You CAN judge a book by its cover!  Hell, who cares about the insides if you look pretty!  You WON!!!  And isn’t that what really matters?

Another message that is disturbing me at present is happening on one of the baby shows that’s on right now.

Here’s a guy, his wife is having their third child.  He COMPLAINED that her figure wasn’t ever the same as it was before their first child was born, and was “encouraging” her to get back in shape after this baby is born.

I decided right then that he was a loser.

Then, he’s going on about what a wonderful mother she is, how she gets up early, goes to work, comes home, cooks supper, does baths and bedtimes, and still keeps up the house!

My first thought:  Dude, exactly what is it that YOU do??

But then, he rented a limo for the day, gave her flowers, and bought her a piece of jewelry to show how much he loved her.

I mean, I really do like shiny things, but fortunately I do not have expensive tastes.  This is a fact for which my husband is ever grateful. 

This guy is just getting on my nerves. By all appearances during this show, she’s responsible for the kids and the house and bringing in an income.  Somewhere in there she needs to find time to lose weight and get in shape, too.  But I’m sure a shiny rock really makes it worth her while.  Lets him right off the hook, don’t you think?

Grrrrr.  I really shouldn’t watch tv.  But I am grateful that my husband doesn’t see things that way.  I mean, particularly in the last few days, he’s taken care of just about everything with the kids and around the house so I could rest and try to get better.  I am lucky.

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One thought on “Why I shouldn’t watch much tv

  1. Hubby on said:

    Yes, you are, but so am I

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