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Funny girl

Tonight, leaving the Back to School Bash and meeting her new teacher . . .

(by the way, did you know I’m the parent of a FOURTH GRADER????????  Ack.  Meep.)

Here’s what she said:

“I can’t believe I’m going to be in 4th grade”

“Pretty soon, I’ll be in middle school, then high school.  Then I’ll be going to college.”

*significant pause*

“Man, time sure is going by fast!”

Please note that I restrained myself from driving off the road, despite my amusement at her angst.

The teen years are going to be a hoot.

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2 thoughts on “Funny girl

  1. Interesting that with two educated parents, she already has a career plan mapped out … “going to college” … as if the other options haven’t formulated in her brain … because I thought the story was leading in the direction of “after high school, then I’ll bounce around Europe for a bit, join a band, hitchhike across the country, sample the beers of countries that were once our enemies but are now our friends, and then make it back home to get into a slapfight with Sam’s high school prom date.”

    And then the RAV5 careened into that ditch …

  2. Bite your tongue, Kwak.

    Besides, I don’t have a Rav. I have a Mazda5, so there!

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