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First, a success

Nutella meringues.  That just sounded good (I love all things nutella), and the picture on the original recipe was even more appetizing.

Here’s how mine turned out (along with a couple of kinds of fudge that were great):

Nutella meringues and fudge

Pinterest is bad for my grocery bill and my time management, but I’m addicted.  So many ideas, so little time!

These were extremely easy to throw together, and the taste was fantastic!  I’ve had some success with meringues in the past, and some utter failures.  I try to remember to make them only on clear days, but sometimes I think about that after I’ve already got the egg whites whipped.  Typical Jill.  This day, however, was clear, and they turned out beautifully.  I took the ones (any that Lauren and Mark didn’t swipe!) in to work.  My co-workers are my usual guinea pigs.  They’re lucky, because I love to take in treats.  It’s probably bad for them if they are trying to eat healthy.  Oh well.  That’s the price they pay for my scintillating company, I guess.

The fudge was also easy and delicious.  I preferred the chocolate over the pomegranate, but that was probably due to the fact that I couldn’t find pomegranate flavoring.  I subbed in a little grapefruit extract, and reduced some pomegranate juice, but the flavor didn’t really come through very much.  I’m sure that with the extract, that pink fudge would be great.  The chocolate espresso was yummy, very rich.  I used Starbucks Via powder, my usual substitute for espresso powder.  And I put a chocolate covered coffee bean on top of each piece.  Because I’m all fancy like that.

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