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What I did with my Sunday


Raspberry truffles, salted chocolate butter toffee, and icicle candy.  Plus keeping up with the kids, and taking them up to Lex to hang with my folks, my bro, and his kids.  And now I am tired.  None of these recipes were difficult really, just a little time consuming.  The icicle candy was the most finicky, but really went pretty well.  The trick to that was was keeping the sheet pan in the warm oven, so the sugar didn’t set up too much before it could be formed.  Mine are not perfect, a few broke.  I don’t care.  I did it!  The raspberry truffles came together in just a few minutes, and as long as I wet my palms every few minutes, were no trouble to roll.  I don’t much like coconut, but Mark and Lauren both liked them.  You know what would be good?  Using pineapple jello, if they make such a thing, and rum extract instead of almond.  Instant pina colada!  If I make the toffee recipe again, I’ll split it between two sheet pans – it’s a little thick for me.  And the chocolate is flaking off a bit.  But it tastes fantastic!

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