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Teacher gifts

Cookie cutter fudge, marshmallow snowmen, caramels, toffee, and a few other things. For Lauren’s teachers, the cups shown below with the treats and several packets of instant drink mix in varying flavors. Sam’s teachers got the same treats, but in holiday boxes with personalized stamps and stamp pads.

I am glad to have those done!




See, it all started out with this idea.  I mean really.  How cute are those?  Mark thought they were kind of too cute, but I like them.  And since I’m addicted to Pinterest, I just couldn’t resist this idea.  But I wasn’t sold on the chocolate fudge.  I liked that eggnog fudge I made a couple of weeks ago, and we still have some eggnog, so I decided to go with that.  But some of the cookie cutters would be better in brown, so I found another fudge recipe to use, on Pinterest, of course.

This is how I end up spending the entire day on projects like this.  Because of course I can’t do anything simple.  If one thing is good, 4 must be great, right?  *sigh*  Too many recipes and ideas, too little time.  But the kids had a good time decorating the fudge, and Lauren enjoyed sorting everything out, deciding which teacher would get which color cup and which cookie cutter.  Sam did the same thing, picking out specific things for each of his teachers.  I tucked in a few other treats I made in the last few days, and called it good.

I hope the teachers like them.  I truly do value their hard work with my kids, and I like to recognize their efforts.  And also I like to make treats.

I blame Pinterest.

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