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It was not my fault

It really wasn’t.

See, it all started with my office roomie mentioning the great dessert he had yesterday. Gingerbread bread pudding.

It took me quite a while to pick myself up after that. WHY have I never put those words together before???

To the Google!

I found a recipe that I adapted slightly. Another egg, a bit more half and half, since I ran out of cream . . .

Yes, it’s another recipe with a box mix. I am losing my cred right now, I can feel it. But sue me. It’s a weeknight.

This was the perfect dessert to have after Mark’s delicious gumbo tonight. His sis arrived safely from New Orleans this afternoon, so we wanted to give her a taste of home. Deeelish.

I did not have vanilla ice cream, nor enough time to make any. I briefly thought about making a vanilla caramel sauce to go on top. Then I remembered that I had some leftover eggnog/cream cheese filling from cookies I made the other day. I knew I’d come up with a use for that stuff! I warmed it on the stove over low heat, and added more eggnog, some fresh nutmeg, and a little wondra flour to thicken it up. Oh my. Let’s see if pictures can do it justice.



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