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French macarons


I followed this recipe, because Bravetart makes fantastic macarons. I used her recipe for the swiss buttercream as well. Delish!!

I pieced together several techniques for the flavors I wanted. I ended up with cinnamon with chai buttercream, and chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. For the first batch of macarons, I added about a teaspoon of cinnamon at the last mixing step before folding in the dry ingredients. Then I reduced some liquid chai concentrate that I had on hand, and whipped that in with some of the plain buttercream.

For the chocolate, I followed the instructions to mix in some cocoa and espresso powder. Next time I will cut the amount of espresso powder in half – it’s a little too much coffee flavor for my taste. And then I mixed in some smooth peanut butter with some of the plain buttercream, until it tasted right to me.

Bonus! The buttercream made a ton, so I packaged it up in 5 ounce amounts and froze it. So I’m stocked for buttercream for the foreseeable future. I even had enough of the chai and peanut butter frostings to save. Maybe I’ll make a chocolate snack cake and frost it with the PB buttercream. Or a gingerbread cake with the chai? Lots of options!

I don’t know why the chocolate ones cracked so much. But they’re still tasty!!




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