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Yogurt-marinated chicken with ginger and garlic


Here is the recipe. I did change a few things. I didn’t have time to marinate for several hours, just about one and a half. It still worked, although I’m certain it would have been even better with more time. I also roasted it, since even with the freakishly warm weather we’re having this year, I didn’t want to fire up the grill. I roasted it at 450 for 30 minutes in a baking dish lined with foil and covered the pan with foil, then cooked it uncovered for about 5. I like chicken to have some color, so I broiled it for a few minutes also because although it was cooked through, it didn’t look all that pretty until it was broiled. Be sure it gets up to at least 165 on a thermometer, rather than depending on the time alone.

I also made some roasted potatoes that are a little different. I don’t know where she got the technique, but my mom taught me how to make these several (*ahem*) decades ago. Cut a few potatoes into bite size pieces. Skin on or peeled – your call. Boil in salted water until just fork tender. Drain and place on a sheet pan, which has been lined with foil and sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle with a little kosher or sea salt. Broil for a few minutes, watching closely to be sure they don’t burn up. I like them with some pretty good color, though. I don’t time them, I just watch them. Maybe 5-6 minutes. I usually leave the skin on and place them on the pan skin side down so that the flesh is closest to the heat. The outside of the potatoes gets crispy and crunchy and puffy, and the interior is soft. So, so good. Serve with plenty of butter or margarine.


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