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Brown sugar and garlic chicken, duchess potatoes, peas, and a healthy strawberry cake


Things have been a little hectic around here lately, so there hasn’t been much time or interest in cooking. But I was looking around Pinterest and my Diigo bookmarks, and I got inspired.

First up, the chicken. This recipe looked so good, and Elder Child loves anything with garlic. She will actually eat a clove of garlic raw. Which I guess is bad for her breath, but she’s protected from any vampires out there. 😉

This was a really easy, and also delicious recipe!

I’ve been wanting to try duchess potatoes, and today was the day, since I had the time. It’s really hard to go wrong with a recipe from Pioneer Woman. These were no exception. I should have baked them longer, but I had a child who was super hungry and wanted dinner to be ready already. These were delish, and something I’ll definitely make again. Probably not on a weeknight, unless I make them in advance.

Also on the menu was peas, which were nothing fancy, but one of the girl’s favorites. Tasty.

Lastly, I made a strawberry cake that’s actually pretty healthy. It uses Greek yogurt and water in place of the oil and eggs, along with a box mix. Apparently devil’s food cake is the best, but I had strawberry. It’s a hit! As is typical, the top got a little too brown, and I had forgotten to thaw some buttercream frosting, so I sprinkled powdered sugar on top and called it a day.

Now, I rest.

Pics below:










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